CANADA Education and Training Corporation(CETC®) provides English training for professional adults, between 25-50 and who work for prestigious multinational companies, interested in either general or business English. The needs for the adult professional range from speaking, listening comprehension, writing reports, e-mails, attending meetings and seminars, giving presentations and traveling abroad. The focus of the training ranges from elementary to advance, covering pronunciation, presentations, writing, socialization skills and many more. For the children, CETC® uses the Budding Beavers® program which is geared for 8-12 year olds. The program focuses on speaking, listening and interactive activities in English while playing games, acting, singing and making crafts.

CANADA Education & Training Corporation® meets these needs with its experienced, young and dynamic team to boost learning and cater to market demands. CANADA Education & Training Corporation® is result oriented and has set high standards for itself and its clients. Our authentic and energetic environment nurtures the growth of the English language learning individual.

We are the only source for English!

We are the only Education & Training Corporation in Turkey to offer boutique English training. Our truly Canadian training center with its cozy atmosphere is located in Kozyatagi, on E5.


Our success as a company is the result of the success of our teachers. Without a highly qualified and experienced team, CANADA Education & Training Corporation CETC®, could not have grown so much over the years, prospered and provided the utmost level of training possible. Our teachers possess a university degree either in English or hold another BA degree along with a TESOL, TEFL, TESL, ESL, CELTA or DELTA certificate. To provide the best possible training, our teachers are native speakers of English from countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom where they can teach not only the language but the culture as well. Our teachers must also possess compassion for the student and passion for teaching, resulting in a dynamic class atmosphere.


We base our training on listening and speaking in addition to the other skills of reading and writing, contrary to the Turkish education system, which is based mainly on memorization and grammar where there is little or no chance of using English practically. However, at CETC®, our method is to use English in a natural environment and focus on speaking rather than grammar. Of course, all aspects of the English language are taught: writing, reading, listening and speaking, but our prime goal is to improve communication using English.

CETC® has its own and unique style of teaching while using the Eclectic and Lexical methodologies. We have studied the Communicative Approach and broadened its foundation and applied it to our own Interact & Learn® approach.

Lessons at CETC® are totally interactive where the student speaks 75% and the teacher 25% of the time, respectively.